Faerie Queen Essay

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Amoret is missing, so Britomart and Scudamore set out to find her.She joins his quest to rescue his bride Amoret from the clutches of Busirane and then single-handedly frees Amoret from the lustful magician’s castle.Book 4 upholds the virtue of “Friendship.” Britomart and Amoret search for Scudamore.She confides she is in search of the knight Artegall, with whom she fell in love after seeing his image in a magic mirror.A consultation with Merlin reveals Britomart is destined to marry Artegall and found the line of British monarchs.The account of Cambell and Triamond’s friendship borrows from Chaucer’s unfinished “Squire’s Tale.” In her knight’s disguise, Britomart triumphs at the tournament.Another incognito knight joins forces with Scudamore to challenge Britomart; during the contest, their helmets slip off.They arrive at the castle of Medina, a woman of pleasingly balanced temperament, and they entrust the infant to her care.After scuffles with the brothers Pyrochles and Cymochles and an escape from the temptress Phaedria, Guyon visits the Cave of Mammon.Spenser originally intended the poem to be a series of twelve books, each devoted to one of twelve moral virtues as exemplified by the characters of twelve knights.In an introduction addressed to Sir Walter Raleigh, Spenser explains that the Faerie Queene, Gloriana, represents both Queen Elizabeth and the abstract idea of Glory.


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