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When I got there and they brought Lucy out I realized that I didn’t need any help at all because she walked out on her own and once she saw me dragged the vet assistant across the room to get to me and proceeded to jump all over me. You can see in the image to the right how Lucy looked just after the surgery. When I got her home I could see the effects of the anesthetic were still in place as she was a little unsteady on her feet so after doing her toileting and having a drink she pretty much plonked herself down on her bed and slept for most of the rest of the day. I had seen photos on the internet of dogs with their eye(s) removed but it’s not the same as when you see it in person and on your own dog. Two weeks after the eye surgery on Christmas eve, Lucy had the stitches removed.

The eye area is quite red but she had no swelling or bruising. She never had any infection or bleeding from the eye. You can see in the picture of Lucy to the left which was taken a few weeks after the surgery.

The conformer should be left in place until it is removed by the doctor.

If the conformer falls out, it is ok to reposition if the doctors and nurse have instructed you how to do it.

Makers of these prosthetics are known as ocularists and, given the custom-fitted, hand-painted nature of today's better prostheses, patients often have trouble buying them, or at least buying ones that they find cosmetically suitable.

OMF has provided many for individuals with evidence of financial hardship to receive financial assistance for OM-related, doctor-prescribed ocular and facial prosthetics.The prosthesis fits over an orbital implant (typically a porous materials such as hydroxyapatite sutured in at the time of the eye removal) and under the eyelids.The prosthesis roughly takes the shape of a convex shell and sits over the implant like a curved shield; it's this shield that other people see.That was the hardest part for me as I knew that would be the last time I would see her with both eyes.It was only going to be day surgery and I would pick her up in the afternoon but it was tough getting through the day without thinking about her.We do our best to fulfill these requests, but we have for some time wished to have a more structured program for disbursing funds, first for patient travel through the Travel Assistance Program, and now the Prosthetic Assistance Program (PAP) to assist individuals in need of an ocular prostheses.An ocular prosthesis (also called an artificial eye or, often incorrectly, a glass eye) is a type of prosthesis that replaces an absent natural eye following an enucleation, evisceration, or orbital exenteration.The day before the surgery I had to ensure she had no food or water during the night or the morning before taking her to the vet.On the morning of the surgery I had to take her in early and leave her there.At that point, I didn’t care about the eye being removed, I just wanted to make sure she got out of the surgery okay.So it was a huge relief when the vet surgery rang to say everything had gone okay and I could come to pick her up.


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