Examples Of Research Proposals In Psychology

Describe the methods that you will use to answer the question outlined in the introduction.It is very important that your proposed methods permit you to answer the question(s) you outline.

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In writing the introduction, keep these three questions in mind: (a) What is the point (hypothesis) of the study?

(b) What is the rationale or logical link between the study and the research design?

All seniors interested in using community-based research (CBR) as their graduation requirement are required to submit proposals and receive approval before they can proceed.

Community-based research proposals follow APA style but may deviate from it somewhat; the method section needs a subheading called “site description,” for example.

All seniors interested in writing a senior thesis involving empirical research for their graduation requirement are required to submit proposals and receive approval from the department.

These proposals should conform to the American Psychological Association style. The ABSTRACT should contain a brief summary of the content and purpose of your proposed research.How will this research advance our understanding of the area under investigation? The REFERENCE section should contain a listing of all of the references listed in your proposal in proper APA style.Proposals are approved by the third week in each semester.For your thesis proposal you should only describe directly relevant findings.The purpose of the introduction is to inform the reader of the specific problem under study, the research strategy used and how the problem is related to prior work.If you plan on writing a theoretical review then your proposal should: 1.Begin by setting the stage for the review you will write.This section should then discuss the implications of the review. Based on your review, do you think you will find converging evidence from a number of studies that indicate a specific theory should be modified?For additional help see Bem’s (1995) article on writing a review and The University of Washington’s handout on writing a psychology research review.A literature review paper critically evaluates the previous research in a field of study.The purpose of the review is to summarize what is known for the reader and to point out the strengths and shortcomings of prior research.


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