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More coursework: 1 - A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I - J | K - L | M | N - O | P - S | T | U - Y Ethical awareness is a necessary part of the professional practice of any social worker.His or her ability to act ethically is an essential aspect of the quality of the services offered to clients.

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It is important to acknowledge that values continually shape our actions and it is of the opinion of Ronnby (1992) "that someone becomes a social worker because they have the same ethics and values and attach them to the position".

Biestek developed traditional values in the late 50s. His principles outlined the basics of traditional social work and were constructed of a seven-point scheme. Many of Biestek beliefs were very traditional and were criticised for their diversity in their interpretation.

The codes of ethics standards will be explained and considered of its effect and purpose, also its usefulness and guidance for the profession of social workers..

A case study will be discussed and analysed, showing anti-oppressive practice (sexual orientation, disability).

Social workers are expected to prevent and eliminate exploitation and discrimination against any person, group, or class on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political belief, religion, or mental or physical disability.

Millerson (1964) argued that the code of ethics could become irrelevant, as it was difficult to use, as it could not be dominated by one specific area within social work.This hypothesis from uk The CCETSW set out details of a number of competencies that they should be able to cover in their work.It is considered that there are two main ideologies within social work, social justice and personal caring.Controversies relating to different principles caused many problematic conclusions e.g. Individualisation could not be possible in the fast moving modern world, people lose their identity and individualisation is not respected.Confidentiality has its limitations to be enforced e.g.Never the less it is still down to the individual social worker to acquire and expand their knowledge base for practising in social work.The range of skills that can develop from learning will be responsible for an established and high quality in the service that are offered to service users.These were considered to be benefit for social workers as they exercised anti-oppressive practice.They produced a list that social workers had to identify with.. Should be committed to: v Respect and value of individuals v Promote peoples rights to choice privacy protection and confidentiality, while looking at the rights and demands v The right of individuals to make choices v Strengths and skill embodied local communities v Right of protection for those at risk 2.Its principal objectives are to ensure that the professional social workers were recognised as a non-bias worker.The code covered two main areas, including principles and practice, The statement of principles covers social workers understanding and identifying of the values and dignity for every human being, irrespective of origin, race, status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religious belief.


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