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This decade is noteworthy for the number of athletes who have used pharmacological means as a panacea.

Both beginners and highly skilled professionals try to push aside or fully replace purposeful and energetic trainings with pills and syringes with drugs.

Doping is considered to be a pharmacological drug only if it is detected fully or partially in the body fluids such as blood or urine with the help of methods of great accuracy (WADA, 2014).

There are five groups of doping: The methods of doping include blood doping and chemical, mechanic manipulations such as masking agents, addition of aromatics to the urine samples, substitution of samples.

Many doctors and scientists have different points of view about the solution to the drug usage problem.

Some believe that the athlete must have freedom of choice while being well informed about harmful effects of the medicines.

Penalties can be: a fine, sanctions, ban from sport, and revocation of previous medals.

It sounds cruel but it is the only way to stop distribution of doping and use of drugs.

The second problem deals with reducing of doping production and encouraging athletes to perform honestly.

A life-time ban would probably eliminate the use of doping, but as long as athletes are determined to win, nothing can stop them.


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