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This situations in contrast with Mero of the Second Sons and his fairly uncomplicated relationship to the opposite sex seem to fit with the idea that unions in this episode had much more to do with big picture, as opposed to only personal desire.

As for Dany, she has not slept with her new comrade yet, but has seemingly had the hots for him since he called out her bluff.

Many will still be asking Melisandre to show them the receipts, but the way that blood exploded out of the Joffrey leech seems to foreshadow some awful fate approaching for everyone’s favorite child king/sociopath/serial killer.

If that comes to fruition, let’s stick with this Lord of Light guy.5.

Could one read this as an allegory for Sam’s entire existence (i.e.

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it”; the whole “diamond in the rough” thing; that time Indiana Jones had to pick the cup of Jesus Christ to save his dad and it turned out to be the really plain one,) or is just another instance of fate intervening to keep this show’s version of Hurley alive for comic relief?At the end of season two, it was Sam who recognized what the little daggers were made of, and that it was the First Men left who them there.Had Sam not been there, the White Walker kryptonite would have probably mistaken for junk. Tyrion marries Sansa, Joffrey is set to marry Margaery Tyrell and his mom is going to marry Margaery’s brother, Ser Loras. We like to say “Seal it with a kiss” (or, at least, Britney Spears does), but the more appropriate term for our characters in this week’s episode might be “Seal it with some sex.” What special significance does tonight’s episode put on doing (or not doing) the nasty?Tyrion does the good thing, but not necessarily the smart thing because of his word, to Shae that she will not be his whore, and in terms of the promise he made to Sansa that he would never hurt her.All squares are rectangles, but not all squares can be killed with flames or dragon glass?Speaking of dragon glass, that’s the answer to the question of whether last night’s confrontation said something about Sam’s character, or was merely just fate saving our favorite Crow.First, there’s been some contention about White Walkers and wights.White Walkers are the mysterious and ancient beings from the far north. self-preservation (strategically, he’d be much, much better off having sex with Sansa and getting her pregnant) and Dany’s renewed policy of giving it up to whichever dude kills the most jerks for her? Things to consider: Religious rituals that had seemingly nothing to do with sex and everything to do with kinky leeches, Tyrion’s dilemma of honor vs.


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