Essays On Tolerance Is The Strength Of Society

Thus, in his three years as Lord Chancellor, More actively approved of the persecution of those who sought to undermine the Catholic faith in England.

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Jewish worship was officially recognized, with a Chief Rabbi originally appointed by the monarch.

Jewish property ownership was also protected for much of the period, and Jews entered into business partnerships with members of the nobility. 1370–1435) was a Polish scholar and rector who at the Council of Constance in 1414, presented a thesis, Tractatus de potestate papae et imperatoris respectu infidelium (Treatise on the Power of the Pope and the Emperor Respecting Infidels).

Johann Reuchlin (1455–1522) was a German humanist and a scholar of Greek and Hebrew who opposed efforts by Johannes Pfefferkorn, backed by the Dominicans of Cologne, to confiscate all religious texts from the Jews as a first step towards their forcible conversion to the Catholic religion.

Despite occasional spontaneous episodes of pogroms and killings, as during the Black Death, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth was a relatively tolerant home for the Jews in the medieval period.

Heresies could not be met with force, but with preaching the gospel revealed in the Bible.

Luther: "Heretics should not be overcome with fire, but with written sermons." In Luther's view, the worldly authorities were entitled to expel heretics.Instead, Williams believed it was God's duty to judge in the end, not man's.This parable lent further support to Williams' Biblical philosophy of a wall of separation between church and state as described in his 1644 book, The Bloody Tenent of Persecution.Only if they undermine the public order, should they be executed.Later proponents of tolerance such as Sebastian Franck and Sebastian Castellio cited Luther's position.The word toleration was first used in English in the 1510s to mean "permission granted by authority, licence" from the French tolération (originally from the Latin past participle stem of tolerare, tolerationem), moving towards the meaning of "forbearance, sufferance" in the 1580s.The Hellenistic city of Alexandria, founded 331 BCE, contained a large Jewish community which lived in peace with equivalently sized Greek and Egyptian populations.Toleration "as a government-sanctioned practice" in Christian countries, "the sense on which most discussion of the phenomenon relies—is not attested before the sixteenth century".In Poland in 1264, the Statute of Kalisz was issued, guaranteeing freedom of religion for the Jews in the country.In 1348, Pope Clement VI (1291–1352) issued a bull pleading with Catholics not to murder Jews, whom they blamed for the Black Death.He noted that Jews died of the plague like anyone else, and that the disease also flourished in areas where there were no Jews.


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