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If the customer goes to a different store because of the rising prices the store will also lose business therefore could cause them to go out of business if enough customers leave.

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The crime of shoplifting generally falls under the legal classification of larceny.

Shoplifting is distinct from burglary (theft by breaking into a closed store), robbery (stealing by threatening or engaging in violent behavior) or armed robbery (stealing by using a weapon).

So if you figure that they don’t make a whole lot of money out of profit.

Every shoplifter that takes a product also is taking the product, which costs money by the store so that is also a set back and puts them more in dept.

Some stores might even closed down because of shoplifters making the store go bankrupt.

The stores usually raise there prices and then causes more shoplifting, but the people that don’t shoplift just end up having to pay more for the product or else go somewhere else to shop.After I’ve been caught stealing I found out how wrong it is and how it is a disadvantage to everyone.The stores are tying to crack down on shoplifters by making the punishments as strict as possible. The stores get about three cents per every dollar purchased for an item.It is a way of life for them, it is how they make their money. If your care takers spend an average of two hundred and fifty dollars on food a week, and someone steals two hundread and fifty dollars of merchendise, the price of food will go up.This effects you the most because if you wanted to buy something that last month cost five dollars now costs six, now you are spending more money on things. Retail theft isnt just fun and games, it is very serious, and should not be taken lightly! It helps out the community service areas if you have to do community service while the culprit is stuck doing numerous hours of work, without any pay, but it doesn’t help you at all.Shoplifting can also affect you towards the community, because if you have shoplifting on your record it will be difficult to get a job, some don’t want people who break the law working for them.Even if it does effect your community, and you should care about that.Shoplifting is a crime and has a major consequence compared to what you can get out of it.Shoplifting is the unnoticed theft of goods from an open retail establishment.Shoplifting typically involves a person concealing a store item on their person, in pockets or under clothes (or in a bag, baby stroller, etc.) and leaving the store without paying for it.


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