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Then there's Rolling Stone, which apparently wiped Bruce bets off the table.

Then there's Rolling Stone, which apparently wiped Bruce bets off the table.

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But I did it a lot when I was younger and just loved the game -- and still do. But sadly, 'cause I'm just kind of a jock and I played through the pain -- or I drank through the pain [laughs] -- all of a sudden I wound up 57 years old with 90-year-old hips.

They're both bone on bone for the last three years.

Our batting average is usually very good, but we missed that one.

Fans will call you on that stuff, as it should be.'"Plenty more reading to stay on top of: the New York Times also has a piece on halftime by Joe La Pointe, quoting NBC Sports honcho Dick Ebersol, speaking with players about the Boss, and revealing Bruce and the E Street Band's appearance fee (zilch).

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT: "HANGIN' OUT ON E STREET" In the midst of the current Springsteen deluge, look to Pitchfork for a reminder of Bruce's appeal to the Next Generation: "It's become clear in the second half of this decade that Springsteen's influence has extended beyond the stadium rock mainstream, and that songwriters of all kinds have drawn inspiration from his music."To illustrate, they're premiering clips from Ted Leo and Gaslight Anthem, the first two artists in a Columbia promotional video series called "Hangin' Out on E Street," which will feature younger artists talking about Springsteen and covering his songs. What do you anticipate for the Super Bowl halftime show? First of all, TV's never your favorite thing to do in a great band because it removes the three-hour sweatfest.

These first clips have Ted Leo covering "Dancing in the Dark," and Brian Fallon covering "Backstreets."SECOND DUBLIN DATE ADDED We're now looking at back-to-back shows in Dublin this summer, with a second night added this morning after a fast sell-out of the original July 11 concert -- according to Aiken Promotions, 40,000 tickets for that one went in less than 15 minutes. Actually, not really -- he'd rather confirm more tour dates on the horizon. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were on hand for the NFL's Super Bowl press conference in Tampa this afternoon. That being said, after 40 years on the road, it's without a doubt going to be the best and greatest TV opportunity any of us will ever have. Of course, the Redskins, which was my team, is out.

And God bless Bruce, we have a new album coming out, so at this point, why don't we just go and do that, turn on some existing fans and find a few new ones?

" Lots of crystal ball gazing out there -- see the Charlotte Examiner, "Why Springsteen's Super Bowl Show Will Rock" in SPIN , and Fox Sports (with an assist from yours truly) on prop bets.

Bruce and the E Street Band will return to RDS Arena on Sunday, July 12 -- also apparently sold out. Sitting in a row of stools with Garry, Nils, Max, Steve, Patti, Roy, and Clarence, Springsteen greeted the crowd: "If there's gonna be a lot of questions about football," he said, "This is gonna be the shortest press conference you ever did-- because I don't know anything about it! Springsteen also talks about the decision to finally play the Super Bowl, the new "golden age" of the E Street Band, and who picked the songs they'll play, laughing: "I'm the Boss! I'll speak for myself on that one; Bruce did a great job on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (at the "We Are One" pre-inauguration concert). Then I had the Giants 'cause of my wife, Amy, she's from New Jersey, and then they went out.

" He went on to say, "I'll date myself -- when I hear 'Steelers,' I think Terry Bradshaw."But he needn't have worried -- the first question out of the gate had Bruce talking about his own upcoming tour instead, easing the minds of fans in Detroit and Cleveland, and essentially confirming a second U. leg of the Working on a Dream tour:...clearly suggesting they had to save more U. I won't compare those kinds of gigs, but for me, playing the Super Bowl... And, listen, Bruce has been turning down that gig since '75. But I've been an Arizona fan for 13 years, and inexplicably and shockingly and wonderfully I wound up at the (NFC Championship) game, and it was insane to be part of that. It's funny, because three weeks ago Amy said, "Looks like I'm not going to the Super Bowl"; all the traveling and the hoopla, it gets old if you're not working, and I understood.


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