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In general, managing a myriad of employees is quite difficult, for that reason, The Body Shop has endeavored to sustain motivation for the employees, that everyone at company has a role to play in living up to company values, and to ensure they are supported in this, they provide training, direct communication, informal dialogue at market level, a company intranet and a variety of employee and consultant magazines.In terms of motivation of the employees within The Body Shop, we can notice that it applies to Vroom's Expectancy Theory which "human motivation is affected by anticipated rewards and costs - the employee's desire for a goal, which is valence, multiplied by what the organization expects will equal satisfaction and motivation[6].

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Therefore, organizations should be willing to make various efforts toward the change to overcome all difficulties.

As mentioned earlier, involving people plays an important part in change of an organization.

With stiff competition among competitor and a lot of innovation products every year.

Body shop must exertion much harder to remain and assist their successful now.

In other words, "one of the most vital initiatives an organization can take with staff is not to treat them as objects of, or obstacles to, change, but to involve them in it and make them responsible for it[4].

An organization which is faced with change, it cannot evade from the change.

Employees have structured patterns of interaction, meaning that they expect each other to complete certain task in an organized way.

But still many of company faces the difficulties to manage their organization due to retain the efficiency and enhance their performance.

By the end of 2006, the Body Shop employed more than ten thousand people and twenty thousand people who are working as the Body Shop At Home Consultants or employed by franchises[2].

Body shop which has running over three decades and very successful, also need organizations development to keep hold of their successful, in addition to increase their organization effectiveness and adaptiveness.


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