Essays On Russian Intellectual History

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General Editor: Han van Ruler, Erasmus University Rotterdam BSIH includes two subseries, Brill's Texts and Sources in Intellectual History (BTSI) and Brill’s Studies on Art, Art History, and Intellectual History (BSAI).

Both subseries have independent editorial teams that work together closely with the team of BSIH.

One of my teaching duties during my Fulbright year is to teach two weeks of “Philosophy of Science II: American Studies as Meta-Science.” This course is the second part of method/theory sequence required by all American Studies undergraduate majors.

Each member of the American Studies faculty teaches two weeks of the course, on topics that speak to their expertise.

What counts as an art historical object and how it is theoretically approached and interpreted echoes the intellectual and cultural background of the art historian.

In this sense, a work of art is more than merely its reconstructed history.

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This is taken to include those countries of Eastern Europe that were formerly under communist rule that were not part of the Soviet Union" deadline: Center for Austrian Studies Book and Dissertation Prizes "biennial competitions to encourage North American doctoral candidates and scholars in the full range of academic disciplines to do research in the field of Austrian and Habsburg studies." deadline: Early Slavic Studies Association Book and Article Prizes The annual ESSA Book Prize, for "a monograph on any aspect of pre-eighteenth century Slavic studies published" in the last two years, and the ESSA Article Prize are awarded at the annual ESSA meeting at the ASEEES convention, and the winners are announced in the Newsletter.

Contact 2015 ESSA Book Prize Committee Chair ([email protected]) for details.


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