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However, the author counters this argument by presenting the rhetoric choice of whether parents want to see their children receiving their diplomas alive or posthumously.Conclusively the author’s general argument appears to be highly effective.The author mainly attributes the cause of these accidents to inexperience of the teenagers and sheer recklessness associated with driving at a tender age.

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The stark contrast between the numbers of road accidents between the two, clearly support her point that under-age driving is dangerous.

`The author has strategically structured the text in a chronological manner, linking one paragraph to the other.

Through this technique the author manages to juggle between the emotions of the audience while remaining objective and within the boundaries of realism.

Through this technique, the author has been able to clearly build on the thesis and illustrate her point.

It was found to be much lower among the more mature 17 year olds than the 16 year olds.

Furthermore, she cites the 1984, presumed solution to the problem, in which the drinking age was raised.This is because it is founded on strong points and supporting evidence.The author has been able to convincingly argue that under-age driving is dangerous and there is no way to circumvent the issue but to raise the minimum age of driving.However, there has been no considerable effect from the regulation.This is also in line with other stiffer regulations such as the ones placed in New Jersey.The author develops her story by linking each paragraph by introducing a fact or an analogy.For instance, in the first paragraph, the author introduces the story by re-creating the somber mood of parents and friends having to attend the funeral of a child and friend.Parents who allow their children to drive at a young age is the major part of the audience that would seem to oppose the argument.Those in opposition would argue that driving increases the child’s freedom and allows the parents more time to focus on pertinent issues.This is a rhetorical question that has a great impact on any parent.It is the catch statement that the author uses to persuade the audience that under-age driving is not worth what it promises.


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