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This paper will help describe each organelle in the animal cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum The Endoplasmic Reticulum is found in both the plant and animal cells.

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This thin and elastic cell wall becomes thick and rigid after the completion of cell enlargement.

During the development of primary cell wall and the middle lamella, certain openings are left at places between the adjacent cells.

Thus continuity of life from one generation to another is through living cells.3.

The chemical composition and metabolism of all cells is basically alike.4. The cell can be divided into three major structural parts:(1) Cell wall, (2) Vacuoles and (3) Protoplasm.

The function of an organism as a whole is the outcome of the activities and interactions of the constituent cells. (1) Cell wall is in characteristic of plant cells only, being absent animal cells.

Genetic material in all cells consist of nucleic acid On the basis of presence or absence of organised nucleus, two types of cells have been recognised. It forms the outermost limiting layer of the plant cell and is freely permeable. Each cell behaves independently but also functions as an integral part of the complete organism.3.All cells arise from the pre-existing cells of the similar kind.Its main function is mechanical, i.e., to provide protection and shape to the cell.(I) Layers of the Cell Wall Cell wall is derived from the living protoplast.It consists of middle lamella, primary cell wall, secondary cell wall and tertiary cell wall.1.ANIMAL CELL PROJECT By: Jonathan Everett Science 2nd Ms.Thompson January 11, 2013 Have you ever heard of an animal cell?Animal cells do not have a cell wall and thus their outermost covering is cell membrane.The cell wall does not act as a physiological boundary.Middle lamella: It is the first formed layer, present between the two adjacent cells.Middle lamella is situated outside the primary cell wall. Middle lamella acts as a cement which holds the adjacent cells together.2.


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