Essays On Merits And Demerits Of Television

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One of the most important forms of communication and entertainment is television. Television is an important form of communication but as everything else is it has its disadvantages.

Another reason TV is affecting people is that more and more people are becoming obese, because instead of doing exercise and living a healthy life they sit and watch television.

Today, it is easy to see more than one in the house, or even one for each family member.

This represents a significant shift in people's lifestyles.

Before technology existed, a fun way to spend time would be painting, writing or playing sports and games, or even spending time with the family. Middle Eventually, the person arranges for them to meet somewhere, and as foolish as this may sound, the child or teenager actually go.

This could bring severe consequences, for example: a kidnapping.

Nowadays more and more teenagers spend twice as much time watching television, on the internet and using computers, instead of reading books and playing games outside. Some say reading a book, others say playing a sport but many say that watching television or for example, online chatting are a great way to spend time.

I disagree, because this creates an addiction, sometimes very difficult to eliminate.

"99.9% of parents to do not understand the dangers of the Internet [not sourced from the candidate's answer]", for example, as this pushes the boundaries of rationality and, even if such a statistic existed for this kind of information, it simply could not be that high.

The Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is fair, though not perfect.


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