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Lucia Gonzalez Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow? I especially give our dog Greta the Greeter much love and care because she is old now and has always been there for me.My grandma planted a seed in me by being the kindest person I know. Over the years we also got a fish and a cat named Orea.You get to forge your own way.” You then marched back into the classroom and told them to calm the heck down.

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You looked me in the face and told me some of the greatest truths of my life: “You are not the sum of your parents or their choices.

There is a lot of power in learning someone’s name, talking to them, and being kind.

Money and sandwiches aren’t what make people happy, it’s being loved by people and being cared for.

They give candy to patients because chemotherapy medicine tastes horrible. It was all because of the seed my grandma planted in me that grew inside so many other people. Last year when my grandpa died my grandma moved in with me and my family. Now I realize that kindness is something we have inside each of us. Chulki Duba On picture day, as I was walking to school, I noticed a piece of paper on the ground and so I picked it up. It’s that they put a roof over my head and that they love and care for me. Kindness can be anything from sharing a smile to helping a classmate without expecting anything in return.

I asked my friends and neighbors if they had any extra candy. She is very kind to me but I also think I’m kind to her. My grandma is also very nice because she never yells at me and tells me funny jokes. I discovered it was a paper with money, taped to it. For Anti-Bullying Day at school, my friends and I decided to make cards with messages for all our classmates.


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