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This is really crucial since rough treatments might worsen their behaviours or encourage them to play truant.

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Therefore, they are likely to imitate in real life by being more aggressive and using more violence.

After all, students, especially teenagers, are easily affected by external parties.

In conclusion, behavioural problems result from the way society works these days (e.g.

lack of parental guidance) and external parties, such as bad influences from TV shows.

Nevertheless, by understanding students’ views and guiding them patiently, students can gradually change and behave in a more appropriate manner.

Aggressive student behaviour is a major cause of concern in many countries.This is because students are more likely to listen to teachers if they feel they can relate to the teachers and that the teachers understand them.Furthermore, it is also important to handle students patiently.The youth are the future of our society and it is our solemn duty to guide and make them compassionate human beings.Schooling is a platform that develops a student's personality.There are some reasons as to why students behave inappropriately.Firstly, the way society works these days affect students’ behavioural patterns.For instance, parents might spend more time at work than at home and as a result, children lack parental guidance, not knowing how they are supposed to behave.This, in turn, is likely to cause them to have behavioural problems.Research and study have shown that major acts of violence were committed by people who have had abusive mother or father in their childhood.Another factor that influences student behaviour is the environment at school.


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