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In this way, they acquire social practice in the different academic fields, get to the heart of academic enterprise, and finally become a member of a social group.Discourse conventions in a particular academic field are shaped by the ways of thinking of community members and the values they believe in.

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Aside from Limbaugh, the contemporary rhetorical scene features pundits such as Glenn Beck, who once mused on-air about killing a public official with a shovel, and talk radio host Neal Boortz, who compared Muslims to "cockroaches." Politicians can be equally offensive.

Allen West, the Florida congressman, has compared the Democratic Party to Nazi propagandists, while California congresswoman Maxine Waters has called Republican leaders "demons." Given the forces of money and the power that support such discourse, it would easy to conclude that there is no remedy for toxic rhetoric and no credible opposing forces working to counteract it. In fact, there is a well-organized, systematic, and dedicated effort taking place each day to promote an ethical public discourse grounded in the virtues of honesty, accountability, and generosity.

English becomes as a lingua franca for oral and written communication. Language, culture, gender, and academic socialization.

Even academic journals, as a representative type of academic discourse, are most in English.

From mid-1960s, the issues of academic discourse have caught researchers’ and scholars’ eyes and grown massively.

The first reason why academic discourse has become popular is because the number of students in higher education has been dramatically increased, which also results in great diversity of students. Academic discourse socialization is defined as one’s growing process to realize the academic discourse and reach the expectation of the academic community.“Academic discourse refers to the ways of thinking and using language which exist in the academy.” Discourse is not just “language” itself; discourse is language use that represents a person’s existence in the world.A second factor concerns the transformation of education system. Nowadays, schools do not solely rely on governments funding; instead, students’ fees are thought of as major income. That is, beginners first acquire the conventions of academic discourse peripherally and imitate discourse activities from experienced learners or experts. After a period of time, learners can also complete academic oral presentations and academic essays, and in the end, the publication of dissertations and participation in international conferences just as what former experts do in the academic community. This kind of interaction is defined as a bidirectional process: both novice learners and experts can learn from each other. Novice learners first enter into legitimate peripheral participation and then move to the center of the academic community. To say that the current state of public discourse is abysmal seems self-evident.Toxic rhetoric has become a fact of everyday life, a form of entertainment, and a corporate product.


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