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Ignatius is dressed as a pirate, assigned to the French Quarter, and ordered to sell or be fired.Ignatius resents his mother's joining Mancuso and Mancuso's aunt, Santa Battaglia, in nightly bowling outings.

He has rejected the Catholicism of his childhood, feeling himself superior to its lax, modern-day standards.This story about a young man's isolation still rings true at a time when millions interact more with computers than with other people.This anniversary edition contains a new introduction by Andrei Codrescu. Toole's outrageous rambling farce comes to life with the wonderful voices of Arte Johnson--surely one of the greatest matches ever of the written to the spoken word. A native of New Orleans, John Kennedy Toole (1937--1969) was educated at Tulane University and Columbia University, and taught at Hunter College, the University of Southwestern Louisiana, and Dominican College.With the best of intentions, Ignatius forges an insulting letter to a Levy Pants distributor, which precipitates a 0,000 libel suit against Gus and organizes the factory workers, mostly black, in a demonstration for better conditions. Ignatius' nose leads him accidentally into his second job, as a hot dog vendor for Paradise Products, Inc.Irene despises hot dog vendors and Ignatius' meager take-home pay, the result of a ravenous appetite combined with indifference to sales, increases tension in the Reilly home.Set in oversized type for ease in reading, the large print edition will gratify both first-timers seeking to discover this modern-day classic and longtime afficionados wishing to reread a favorite novel.The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel with the sad history turns 20 (LJ 4/15/80).He has left town only once in his life to apply for a teaching position in Baton Rouge, and that trip has become the defining event of his life, traumatizing him against travel and work.Ignatius is overweight, overeducated, and overindulged by his mother Irene.Ignatius' first job is as a file clerk in the floundering Levy Pants Company, where he sets his mind to improving operations and drawing Gus Levy back into the day-to-day business.Gus, regularly besieged by his harpy wife, prefers to leave details to his hapless office manager, Gonzalez, poorly assisted by the senile Miss Trixie. Levy, an amateur psychologist, demands she be kept on and made to feel wanted.


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