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Thanks to such completely simple tricks, women became regular cigarette smokers very quickly.

Due to the technological development, tobacco companies have claimed that the cigarette is an important element that a woman needs to finally become equal, successful, and free.This company was one of the leaders on the market of tobacco products.Once, the analysts of the company noticed that the trading volumes stopped rising and got stuck on a particular level.However, the success was partial: the women started to smoke more but, still, not in the open.In the USA at the beginning of the 20th century, the women’s liberation movement began to pick up steam.We hope you will create a great speech and touch the hearts of your audience.If you feel lacking in creativity for writing a persuasive speech on smoking cigarettes, you can ask Essay Shark to help you. In the Western World, lots of women became addicted to smoking during World War I.Tobacco was known as an effective anti-depressant that was necessary for the participants of military actions.The first step of the ambitious advertising campaign was to present smoking as an efficient weight-loss habit.The strategy was quite successful as a slim figure was a cherished ideal for every American female at the beginning of the 1930s.


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