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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.A new information management system is currently being rolled-out to Levi’s suppliers which, when fully operational, will enable the company to collect and track energy use data from their suppliers, as well as optimize the data collection efforts.

The company was organized into three geographic divisions: Levi Strauss Americas (LSA), based in the San Francisco headquarters; Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East and Africa (LSEMA), based in Brussels; and Asia Pacific Division (APD), based in Singapore.

The company’s apparel products are sold under the brand name of Levi’s®, Dockers® and Levi Strauss Signature® brands.

Levi’s, the main brand, was founded in 1873 in San Francisco.

It is specializing in riveted denim jeans and different lines of casual and street fashion.

This company was privately held by descendants of the family of Levi Strauss and it has employed a staff of approximately 10,000 worldwide.

It has four core values within its organization, which include empathy, originality, integrity and courage.

With great products, we need to know how to sell them to consumers.

“Sell Where People Shop” is one of Levi’s marketing strategy, they invested in expanding its outlets and improving the availability of their products.

From 1960 -1970, Levi Strauss had experienced explosive growth in its business as the “blue jeans craze” effect explodes around the world.

It helped the company to expand its business to worldwide.


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