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Later existential thinkers would frame their discourse differently, but Kierkegaard’s basic tenets have remained powerfully influential for generations of artists and thinkers.The art world has been enormously influenced by the current of existential thought, even from its very beginnings in the nineteenth century.In addition to the quasi-moralistic rationalizations for murder, Raskolnikov mythologizes himself as imbued with personal power in the mold of a Napoleon.

Just as existential philosophy is difficult to fit neatly into a box, one cannot simply boil the literature of existentialism down to a simple recipe.

There are multiple strains and variations from one author to the next, yet still just enough commonalities to see the shared underlying principles.

First the novel, and later the cinema each had unique contributions to make to existential philosophy.

Many existential philosophers have intimated that literature is especially well positioned to communicate the central tenets of their philosophy.

The philosophy is by most standards a very loose conglomeration of perspectives, aesthetics, and approaches to dealing with the world and its inherent difficulties.

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There are therefore countless permutations and flavors of existentialism which cross disciplinary lines and modes of inquiry.

In his own mind, Raskolnikov hypothesizes that he can justify the crime of nature by using the stolen money to perform good works.

This kind of moral calculus, carried out by a lone individual and not sanctioned by the greater society, is ultimately bankrupt and doomed to failure.

In fact, much of the philosophy revolves around the limitless capacity for ethically and intellectually engaged persons to enact change in the world.

Positive change is then an imperative for the true existentialist; otherwise existence is a complete void.


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