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I then started to liberate myself from the medical field studies and immigrate myself into the business field.This was just a start to find the perfect career path.High school science classes were alarming and intimidating when the teacher named off the topics that would be learned.

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Finding another career path was the next road block that needed to be discovered.

Being a doctor was no longer fascinating because of the money that is made in this career.

However, if I do the Pre-Professional program and end up changing my mind about the career choice, I feel stuck with having to do something in the medical field.

While I am in the process of getting my degree I plan on volunteer or getting pand healthcare experience.

Business classes started to intrigue me throughout high school.

I felt that this was my escape of being a rich doctor.Using my skills and my knowledge, I soon discovered that I wanted to stay in this career path. As grades passed and time moved on, my views changed.My childhood goal became distant to me, I was finding a way to be successful in my eyes.This is because once I graduate college I plan on attending Medical School.Once I complete Medical School I will have to get my certification and then I will be classified as a Medical Doctor, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.They are always on call, have to work with blood, and work odd hours. Success is not something other people can judge of mine. Essay about Career Goal #2 It’s been a truly remarkable journey, now that high school is almost over the decision of choosing a major is a hard thing to do.As of right now, I am torn between Kinesiology and Pre-Professional program.I want to make sure I take full advantage of every opportunity I have, and gaining some more experience, and knowledge, in the healthcare field will help me accomplish my career goal.After I graduate with my degree, it will help me further my education.Both majors will help me accomplish my future career goals.For this reason, I am torn between the two because they will both help me in a positive way, but I don’t know which one would be the best type of degree for my career choice.


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