Essays For Peace Corps Application

You can’t just “apply” to the Peace Corps and let them place you anywhere.

You have to look, like you’re on Indeed for openings they have available and their requirements.

It serves as a test of your ability to handle these challenges but also as a way for you to get valuable information you need to decide if the Peace Corps is right for you.

The interview is your chance to ask about everything you want to know from the volunteer stipend to the housing situation in your host country.

On April 3, I received an interview request, which included a link to a portal where you could schedule a time for the 60-90 minute interview.

Essays For Peace Corps Application

The email also outlined basically all the topics that would be discussed.

They won’t vary much from the established questions and follow-up questions.

During the interview, the interviewer will take notes on your responses.

First, I needed to fill out a medical questionnaire, called the Health History Form.

You have to register to a medical portal to gain access to the questionnaire. Before they even review your application, they want to make sure that you don’t have any medical conditions that will prevent you from serving.


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