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Below are a few of the different topics you could use for your Hamlet essay. Feel free to write about something totally different.Hamlet is not the most decisive person in the world. If he had simply killed Claudius when the ghost told him to, the play wouldn’t have made it past the first act.But the idea that a murderer like Uncle Claudius gets to live is enough to drive Hamlet up the wall.You can either write the entire thesis statement during your outlining phase or write a simple version while outlining and refine it when you start writing.Like I said before, there’s a lot to unpack in Hamlet.Shakespeare is one of those authors who is hard to escape if you’re in any English or literature program long enough.While Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays, they fall roughly into two categories: comedies and tragedies. Spoiler alert: Most, if not all, of the characters die in Shakespeare’s tragedies.The more detail you put into this outline, the less work you’ll have to do later in the writing process.(If you have lots of details in your outline, the essay will basically just be about making everything connect and read better.) (Note: If you also have to turn in a formal outline as part of the assignment, make sure each level has at least two parts.)Your thesis statement is perhaps the most important sentence of your entire essay.You can use all of these methods at once or come up with a technique all your own.The important part is to read beyond basic enjoyment of the story with the goal of really comprehending the play…


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