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Shortly after the publishing of this novel, Fitzgerald was able to coerce Zelda Sayre into marriage.

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Also, Zelda’s eventual mental breakdown triggered Scott’s own series of nervous breakdowns.

Because of these factors, Zelda is often considered the prime instigator of Fitzgerald’s literary and personal declines.

It's inspiring how he presents the interaction between his wife and himself, how he showcases them as a good team that enjoys strong camaraderie rather than as the epitome of romantic love. Barks The letters that Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald exchanged span more than two decades, from the first love letter she wrote in 1918 to his final note from December 19, 1940.

Perhaps he had already guessed that ultimately it would be loyalty and respect that, in its own strange way, would make their relationship last. Nevertheless, their correspondence does not tell a continuous story, but one that is broken into two distinct parts, simply because Scott and Zelda only communicated in writing when they were apart, i.e.

Fitzgerald lived in an age when, despite the existence of the telephone system, hand-writing letters was still commonplace, so that he left behind an abundance of exchanges between himself and his wife, his editor, his literary agent and his friends that were published in a number of different collections after his death in 1940. Scott Fitzgerald In case you are 14 years old, keeping a diary and harboring ambitions to literary fame, you do not need to worry if your journal entries lack style or substance. Scott Fitzgerald did not fare much better during this stage of his life as the recently published The Thoughtbook of F. However, reading the text will also remind you that, if you do manage to become a famous author, then scholars are going to be interested in anything you ever scribbled down, including your teenage thoughts on girls and gossip.

That's why we can now pry into Fitzgerald's private musings on the waxing and waning of his affections, even though they were never meant to be read by anyone but himself.Yet, reading them in chronologial order makes the exuberance of their early days as well as the hardships they had to face during their final years come to life more vividly than the best biography could.Besides, since more of Zelda's than of Scott's letters have survived, her voice comes through loud and clear, so that readers who have turned to the collection because of their interest in Scott (and that is likely to be the majority) cannot help but acknowledge that Zelda was not just the wife of a famous author, but an equal part in their marriage and that their love survived life because they both felt more at home with each other than with anyone else.Listening to Scott and Zelda fighting is a painful reminder how completely lives can unravel, not by a single tragic twist of fate, but gradually, as a matter of course, abetted by too many wrong decisions, each of them insignificant in isolation, but devastating in their cumulative effect.A Life in Letters: A New Collection, edited and annotated by Matthew J.After all, he kept his diary locked in a box under his bed. West III Fitzgerald never worked on an autobiography, but throughout his life - from the start of his career in 1920 until shortly before his death in 1940 - he published several magazine articles and essays that reflected upon his personal life.Perhaps that's where it should have remained, both to spare Fitzgerald any posthumous embarrassment and today's reader an hour of solid boredom. The collection 'A Short Autobiography' arranges those texts in chronological order so that they trace the arc from the infectious self-assuredness of the successful young author (who never fails to regard himself with a sense of irony, though) to the somber reflections of a man who has outlived his prime - with the eponymous short piece 'A Short Autobiography' as the tipping point: it's nothing more than a list of different drinks consumed in different locations over the years.Bruccoli This correspondence - edited by eminent Fitzgerald scholar Bruccoli - offers an accessible self-portrait of the writer.Early letters to his editor, Maxwell Perkins, and friends, Edmund Wilson and Ernest Hemingway, document Fitzgerald's devotion to craft, exemplified by The Great Gatsby, as well as the novelist's ever-present financial problems.Essay text: Francis Scott Fitzgerald's life is an example of both sides of the American Dream, the joys of young love, wealth and success, and the tragedies associated with success and failure.Named for another famous American, a distant cousin who authored the Star Spangled Banner, Fitzgerald was born in St...


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