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He wrote the legendary play, ‘Cato, a Tragedy’, which is believed to be the literary inspiration behind the American Revolution.He has also authored, ‘Account Of The Greatest English Poets’,‘The Campaign’, ‘Dialogue on Medals’ and the unsuccessful opera libretto ‘Rosamund’.

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‘The Spectator’ became a popular and well-read publication of that time.

He contributed over 274 essays for ‘The Spectator’ and also wrote essays for the publication, ‘The Tatler’.

He served as the Under-Secretary of State, Commissioner of Appeals in the government of the 1st Earl of Halifax, Member of Parliament, secretary to the new Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord Wharton and as the Secretary of State for the Southern Department.

He was known for his magnanimous character and cool personality.

As he was coming out of this jm MOpart of the wood, and entering upon the plains it enclosed, he saw several horsemen rushing by him, and a little while after heard the cry of a pack of dogs.

He had not listened long before he saw the apparition of a'niiik-w^jifie steed, with a young man on the back of it, .d S'^Sncing upon full stretch after the souls of about an hundred beagles that were hunting down the ghost of an hare, which ran away before themj^ith' an unspeakable swiftness.As the man on the ,^^^mt^teed came by him, he looked upon him very attentively, and found him to be the young prince Nicharagua, who died about half a year before, and by 12 178 ESSAYS OP JOSEPH ADDISON.reason of his great virtues was at that time lamented over all the western parts of America.179 that they may live together like Marraton and Tara. Marraton had not stood long by the fisherman when he saw the shadow of his beloved Yaratilda, who had for some time fixed her eye upon him, before he discovered her.Her_arma_^^are^ stpetohjpd—out towards^im, floods and at the same time seemed to tell him that the river was unpassable."Who can describe the ypassionmade up of joy, sorrqw^^ove^iiesire, astonishment,, that rose teafg^raaj downher ey& ; her ir voice called him over to her ; N.-X V' /in -the Indian upoh sight ^of his dear Yaratilda ?He also helped establish the English literary congregation, ‘Kit-Cat Club’, which had powerful political connections. Bird '21 Essays of Joseph Addison; 3 1924 013 167 428 The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. DJ^37-a HONORARY FELLOW OF JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORD THE ROGER DE GOVERLEY CLUB LONDON AND NEW YORK EDITION DE LUXE This Edition of Addison's Essays is limited to One Thousand copies, printed for subscribers only jf^ JZl ' stooped down to take up an huge stone in his hand : ' \y" /but to his infinite surprise grasped nothing, and found the supposed stone to be only the apparition of one.177 to press into one part of it that was a little thinner than the rest ; when again, to his great surprise, he found the bushes made no resistance, but that he walked through briers and brambles with the same ease as through the open air ; and, in short, that the whole wood was nothing else but a wood of shades.He immediately concluded, that this huge thicket of thorns and brakes was designed as a kind of fence or quick-set hedge to the ghosts it enclosed; and that probably their soft substances might be torn by these subtle points and prickles, which were too weak to make any impressions in flesh and blood.


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