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This sample paper is an example of Ultius writing services and explores the current state of homework in the United States, gauging its effectiveness, or lack thereof, in developing and molding a young person’s mind.Ask any parent of an elementary student about homework and you will get a range of reactions.That would be like an adult coming home with a mountain of paperwork to do after a long eight hour day at work. Free time plays a key role in fostering both creativity and emotional development, factors just as basic to long term success as academic gains.

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The added pressure and the demanding workload are unhealthy.

The result is students who suffer from anxiety disorders that used to wait until adulthood to rear their ugly heads.

Since the homework load is so much, should we not be at the top? Many countries with the highest scoring students on achievement tests, such as Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, have teachers who assign little homework.

Meanwhile, countries such as Greece, Thailand, and Iran, where students have some of the worst average scores; have teachers who assign a lot of homework.

(Kohn) Furthermore, the younger the student, the less value homework has for them.

A research study by Duke University indicates that the age of the student is significant in determining the usefulness of homework.

American students do as much homework as their peers in other countries, if not more, but still manage to only score around the international average.

(Le Tendre) If students are spending the majority of their time after school on homework, why does this country lag so far behind other countries?

Children in lower grades should be responsible for reading daily and keeping track of it in a log.

Yet despite the fact that this data has been presented in everything from undergraduate essays to doctoral dissertations, it remains relatively unknown.


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