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Time management is not an instinct, and instead, must be learned.

Unfortunately, few schools or parents teach children basic time management skills.

You can spend your free time watching TV or get yourself educated with a good book.

The choice is entirely yours and yet it is this gentle choice that makes the difference.

Author and investor Timothy Ferriss say that if you have ten tasks to do in a day, the chances are that you would while away all of your time and end up doing nothing. According to Tim Ferriss, you should make a list of things to do and then pick up not the urgent but the important work.

It is a fine difference most people fail to notice. Sending a mail might be urgent but it might not be of real value to your vision of your purpose in life. You need to clear your head and choose one thing on the list that will fill you with satisfaction and confidence if done right that particular day.Using time wisely allows a person to complete tasks in an allotted time period, take on additional work, or spend more time with family.There are many things in an office environment that prevent effective time use.Now that you know why you absolutely can’t ignore the immense The key to productivity lies in where you choose to spend your time.What do you do when you have, say ten tasks to complete in a day?Time management includes your personal life and business life. Analyze your current time and think how you can make better use of your time.One of the greatest assets a business can have is an employee who uses his or her time to its fullest potential.The magic lies in spending time so you can save it later. Don’t save time by not working out or by cutting on your sleep hours.This time may save you a few hours at the instant but might lead to a really unproductive, inefficient day ahead.Interruptions are time-wasters, especially since items one may consider urgent are not necessarily important (Payne & Payne 25).There is no way to preplan the time and duration of an interruption, which may cause a loss of train-of-thought, difficulty concentrating, or complete memory lapse.


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