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Students who adopt this orientation have an easier time learning both the detail and the big picture because the topics studied are placed in a meaningful context.

These skills will help you to succeed in challenging tasks after graduation.

We hope that the following pages will help you to reflect upon your own study skills and habits. Should some topics raise your interest, however, we encourage you to dig deeper, for example by familiarising yourself with the reference literature provided at the end of this guide. According to Entwistle and Ramsden (1983), one’s study orientation refers to both one's study outlook and well as one's studies in practice.

Scientific books and articles are written in a professional language specific to the field, and it is therefore important that you become well versed in the terminology and jargon of your field of study.

This will allow you to thoroughly understand what is discussed.

He or she pays excess attention to detail and external formalities, and routinely simply does what he or she is told.

The student may answer exam questions correctly, but nevertheless an overall picture is missing.

SOCIAL ORIENTATION is characterised by high interest in the social aspect of studies, rather than studies as such.

A strong social orientation often also correlates with poor study success.

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