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You will be asked to submit your essay online via MMS.Many tutors will also request a hard copy of your essay, to be submitted via the School Office.Use simple French if you must, but get in the habit of putting your thoughts down on the page in the language.

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If you try to do a direct translation of your thoughts, you will get frustrated when you cannot find the idiomatic expressions that you want to use. To make your paper better without being overwhelmed with structure, vary your vocabulary.

Be sure to consult a French-English dictionary and then to check the definition in a French dictionary.

Do not get caught up in trying to do a word for word translation from English.

There are different syntaxes and different grammatical structures in French than in English.

Stills can be incorporated into essays: if so, please identify them, e.g.: Figure 1: Cyrano's battlefields.

From , edited by Gordon Brotherston & Mario Vargas Llosa (London: Bristol Classical Press, 1999), p. Any further page references to the same source should then follow in brackets after the quotation eg: "We are told that they greeted each other 'con un ademán nervioso e instantáneo'" (p. (Notice that if you ever have to quote within a quotation, you use single inverted commas for the embedded words).

The title and footnotes are included in the word count, whereas the bibliography and appendices are excluded from the word count.

NB If your work falls significantly short of a word limit it will likewise be penalised by one point if more than 10% short of the limit and by a further point per additional 10% under.

Use quotation marks and page references, and make sure that quotations fit into the grammatical structure of the sentence in which they are inserted - this can often be difficult when inserting a phrase in a foreign language into the middle of an English sentence.

For example, you should not say: "La Mamèche is an old woman who has led a hard life: 'un visage maigre et rouillé comme un vieux fer de hache'." but rather: "La Mamèche's great age, and the hard life she has led, can be read in her face, which is 'maigre et rouillé comme un vieux fer de hache'." When discussing films make sure that you use concrete examples from films, and do not make vague generalisations about them.


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