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"Don't talk to strangers" has been the rule for many parents for generations.

But sometimes it's a good idea for kids to talk to strangers.

One of such means is the lightning, Ebert (2005) states that: “Hitchcock was a classical technician in terms of controlling his visuals, and his use of screen space underlined the tension in ways the audience isn’t always aware of.

He always used the convention that the left side of the screen is for evil and/or weaker characters, while the right is for characters who are either good or temporarily dominant” (p. All these techniques can be found in the film by Alfred Hitchcock “Strangers on a Train”.

Who else will they turn to if they're lost and need help?

So, instead of making a rule, it's better to teach kids when it's appropriate to talk to strangers and when it is not.

Hitchcock used technical and formal elements of filmmaking in order to produce a particular effect on the audience (manipulate its feelings, evoke fear and anxiety).

Among such techniques are camerawork (the movement of camera imitates a person’s sight), the shots are combined so that they grabbed the watcher’s attention to small and inconspicuous details that had a great importance.

Tell your kids that if a stranger ever approaches and offers a ride or treats (like candy or toys) or asks for help with a task (like helping find a lost dog), they should step away, yell "No! Your child should tell you or another trusted adult (like a teacher or childcare worker) what happened.

The same goes if anyone — whether a stranger, family member, or friend — asks your child to keep a secret, tries to touch your child's private area, or asks your child to touch theirs.


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