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American children do better on tasks if they choose activity; Chinese children do better on tasks if they are told their parent chose the task, @Sheena_Iyengar tells @Hanna Rosin.

The cultures may have different paradigms of who should make important choices.

#BX2019 @BXconference How do you start your lessons? It is questions about important ‘teacher choices’ like this that will be part of exciting new @Educ Endow Foundn trials.

See here: Xm We ORHy, & hear more about it from @Prof Coe at research Ed Saturday.

the King County Public Libraries 75 pages per week) as long as you have a library card.

It is also a great idea that you change the location when you revise your paper.Perhaps you have already experienced that you see the same text quite differently when you change your location. If you read your paper only on the computer screen, print out your paper during your re-vision process!There is a huge difference between reading your paper on the computer screen and reading the same text on a hard copy.The concept map is also known as “reverse outline” since you make an outline of your paper after you have finished the main ideas of your paper.Write down the main idea of each paragraph—which is called a topic sentence—on a blank piece of paper.Because of the advancement of computer technology, we are used to processing information on the computer screen.Although it is still possible for you to annotate the readings on the computer screen, there is a in public libraries (e.g.Perhaps you have already experienced that you see the same text quite differently when you change your location.Many international students often have difficulty organizing their ideas and developing their argument logically because rhetorical conventions differ from culture to culture.If you want to check the logical development of your argument, you should also try reading the text from the conclusion to the beginning.By reading your paper from the end to the beginning, you can see the connections of your ideas in your paper and assumptions you made in your paper more clearly.


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