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Plot The poem is about a beautiful and painful memory of long lost love (Poe 2).

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Consequently, the angels slaughtered her by distressing her. The persona points out that since he loved Annabel Lee, he married her and they were a family, as he calls her his bride.Those points of comparison and points of divergence are the key elements of your essay, it seems to me. Introduction Annabel Lee is a poem printed by Edgar Allan Poe.Along with this, he was a pioneer in defining a poem as a purely aesthetic object that could be justified on purely aesthetic grounds regardless of thematic meaning or truthfulness, as was advocated by the "art for art's sake" movement.In conjunction with these ideas, he advocated leaving the realms of truth and logic to works of prose, such as the novel or short story, because poetry, an aesthetic art form, was primarily occupied with producing an effect on the reader.While the losses in Poe's life through the deaths of beautiful beloved women--his mother, his friend's idolized mother, his young wife--is reflected in his poetry--just as his years living in England under the sway of Gothic influences is reflected in his poetry--his intellectual aesthetic of poetry is also reflected in his poetry since it is through this aesthetic theory that he builds his poetry.An historical approach to discussing "Annabel Lee" might take the route...In the poem, there is a distant family to which Annabel belonged and the sea and all-night vigils at the grave site, to name a few plot moments.See how many of those things, how much of the poem, does fit the story of Poe's lost love.An historical approach to discussing "Annabel Lee" might take the route of discussing Poe's historic influence on the theory and development of literature.According to the Critical Survey of Poetry, Poe, who was one of the few early American poets to be famous while still living, influenced the Symbolist movement in poetry because of their admiration of his conceptualization of "ideal beauty," the musicality of his verse (which some critics derided), and his ability to create atmosphere in poetry.


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