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So it is not strictly necessary to know the poem to give meaning to the painting, but it is also possible that this viewer links a different meaning to the fabrics.

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The part of the poem where the lady is in the boat, wearing a white dress, loosening the chain, and sets for Camelot can be seen on the painting. But next to the fact that there is a transfer, the painting also appears to be independent of the poem, because it seems to tell a story of its own, or it at least expands this part of the story.

For example, Waterhouse adds to the dark atmosphere and the fact that the lady is going to her end.

That can be seen at the candles in the boat, of which only one is still lit. This could symbolize that the Lady is in the autumn of her life, near her end.

But, certainly in the Victorian age, those autumn leaves also stood for the fall of a woman who fell for sexual seduction. Waterhouse also depicted a crucifix on the front of the boat.

They often sought inspiration in British literature like Shakespeare and the stories about King Arthur, or poets like Keats and Tennyson.

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[1] Waterhouse got his inspiration from the same place, and also painted a lot about Ancient Mythology.This will be examined in the case of John William Waterhouse's paining ‘The Lady of Shalott’ (1888). John William Waterhouse (1849-1917) was a British painter who worked in the Pre-Raphaelite style.My main questions are: in what way is this a form of intermediality? The Pre-Raphaelite painters wanted to paint like the artists before Raphael did.The viewer who already knows the poem, will instantly recognise the meaning of those fabrics.The viewer who has not read the poem will start thinking about it and might discover the meaning in the process.The woman often takes some sort of action which influences her fate.[2]All these things can also be found in his painting ‘The Lady of Shalott’ (1888), which can be seen below in figure 1.The painting was not only based on Tennyson’s poem, it also tries to bring its atmosphere alive. The poem says that the lady is looking at Camelot almost as if she was in trance, seeing all her mischance. The lady is depicted resolute, quite powerful still, but at the same time she looks very sad.Word and image are brought together in this painting. I would say it is a form of transmedial exchange, because both the story and the atmosphere of the poem are transferred onto the painting. We know from the poem that this is because she is sailing to her death.Almost all of Waterhouse’s paintings have a woman as the main subject.She is often depicted fragile, tragic, fatal or powerful, but with a mysterious aura.


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