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Additionally, a strong connection must explain why the connection is IMPORTANT, highlighting what new awareness has been brought forward because of it.

A TEXT TO TEXT connection creates an deeper understanding by asking the reader to consider another TEXT that has a similar theme, concept, or character.

This is similar to how politicians refuse to take ownership for their choices.

Rather than owning their decision to walk back a previously made promise, they claim that due to the actions of a past government they are no longer to act on their promises.

However, near the end of the text it is revealed that The Narrator is Tyler Durden, which causes the reader the view past actions through a new lens.

The importance of this connection is that is demonstrates that one’s willingness to conceal the truth from others through the invention of a new personality is not limited to adults.A TEXT TO SELF connection requires you to draw specific links between the text, and your own personal life.Specific examples must be used from both sources when expressing a textual connection.By finding the commonality between the two texts they will develop strong insight into them.the reader assumes that Laurie and Charles are two unique individuals.Rather than claiming that the text has nothing to do with them, they are directed to discover the strong connection that makes their reading of the text relevant. They listen to their son explain his day, asking probing questions trying to uncover any safety issues he may face.As Laurie is still a small child they worry that “kindergarten [may be] too disturbing for [him]” (31), going so far as to “look over the faces of all the …It is something that happens with young children as well.A TEXT TO WORLD connection ensures the reader considers how their text is still relevant in the WORLD today.When Charles explains that “Charles bounced a see-saw onto …a little girl” (25) the reader thinks he is horrified by this, especially as it “made her bleed” (25).


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