Essay On World Nature Conservation Day

Essay On World Nature Conservation Day-57
Many of these resources are depleting at a rapid pace due to over utilization.

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Conclusion To keep earth in its serene and pristine form, it is very essential to conserve nature and its resources in their present form, maintaining both quality and quantity.

“Conservation of Nature” relates to not just conserving one or two elements of nature, but all the elements – water, soil, forests, flora & fauna, oceans, air, plants, insects, birds, etc, which together constitute nature or our natural habitat.

Conservation of nature implies the conservation of resources that are formed naturally, without any human intervention.

The importance of conservation of natural resources has been stressed upon often enough as it is essential for maintaining a balanced environment on earth.

These resources are further used to manufacture various things that make life more convenient and comfortable for the human beings.

Essay On World Nature Conservation Day

Unfortunately, man has grown so engrossed in over-utilizing these resources to invent newer things that he has almost forgotten the importance of conserving them.

Some of the ways in which the common man can help in the conservation of nature is by planting trees, restricting the use of paper, stopping wastage of water and electricity, stopping ill practices such as hunting of animals, and employing rain water harvesting systems.

It does not take much to put the above mentioned ideas to practice.

All these resources are obtained from nature without any interference from the mankind.

These resources are further employed to produce various things that make the lives of human beings as well as other living beings comfortable.


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