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When I got into the taxicab this morning, I didn't know the driver's intentions.For all I knew, he could have been a bank robber by night. Maybe it's more "confidence" than trust, and maybe the driver's actions are more like "compliance" than trustworthiness, but it's the type of trust that makes society function.

When I got into the taxicab this morning, I didn't know the driver's intentions.

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Examples include tapeworms in your digestive tract, thieves in a market, spammers on e-mail, and people who refuse to pay their taxes.

These parasites can only survive if they're not too successful.

We might individually want each other's stuff, but we're all better off living in a theft-free society.

We might individually not want to pay our taxes, but we're all better off if everyone does. More to the point, we're individually better off if everyone cooperates If I can both 1) live in a theft-free society, and 2) steal your stuff, I personally have the best of both worlds. Most of us recognize this: that it's not in our long-term best interest to act in our short-term self-interest. In other words, I know their intentions and I trust their actions will be informed by those intentions.There's also a less intimate, less personal form of trust.But I did trust that, for the specific interaction of taxi driver and passenger, he would behave in a trustworthy manner. I like to call this sort of trust "cooperation." In today's society, we need to trust not only people, but institutions and systems.It's not so much that I trusted the particular pilot who flew my plane this morning, but the airline that produces well-trained and well-rested pilots according to some schedule.These simple exercises can be invaluable for personal and professional growth.Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way.There were a lot of complicated mechanisms in play this morning to ensure that no one mugged me on the street, my taxi driver didn't rob me on the way to the airport, and the plane was staffed with a competent pilot. Trust is a complicated concept, and the word is overloaded with many meanings. When I say that I trust a friend, or a spouse, I'm talking less about their specific actions and more about them as a person.I have a general reliance that they will behave in a trustworthy manner.At Boston's Logan Airport, I had to trust everyone who worked for the airline, everyone who worked at the airport, and the thousands of other passengers.I also had to trust everyone who came in contact with the food I bought and ate before boarding my plane.


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