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To achieve this, Rousseau uses a thought experiment, the state of nature, which is therefore not a historical truth.

In many respects, similar to the wild animals, except for its ability to improve.Rousseau distinguishes two types of inequality: natural (or physical) and moral.The natural inequality stems from differences in age, health, or other physical characteristics.Thus, the first words used had more meaning today, language and specializes as and when it develops.The language, initially practice slowly becomes abstract and metaphysical.The institution of property is the beginning of moral inequality, because if people can “own” things, then the differences from “heritage” are unrelated to physical differences.However, Rousseau does not denounce the property itself (as will the anarchist Bakunin), he denounced the inequality of property.The savage is a naive, self-sufficient and peaceful.However, the wild feeling of pity, empathy source, contrary to civilized man dominated by vanity and selfishness.Rousseau explains the major phases of technological change (metallurgy and agriculture) and its influence on human psychology.Conjugal love, cooperation and in particular the establishment of gender roles (which makes women subservient to men, are sources of inequality.


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