Essay On The Chocolate War

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The basic plot of the story of starts off with the return of Jerry Renault a boy was severely injured during a fight in the Chocolate War in the previous novel.He is still in shock and the book refers to some of his feelings about the confrontation with the boy who beat him up Emile Janza – a supposedly stupid person with muscles bulging everywhere.

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Most of the people in the story blamed it on the dictatorship of Archie Costello which led to rebellion.

There was also a sad case of a boy who committed suicide.

These plans included the usage of attempted assaults, rapes and murders.

Many of the characters in this novel were disturbed and had trouble within their life – which drove them to the creation of the plans.

There are many themes in Beyond The Chocolate War that all contribute to the composition on the story.

Essay On The Chocolate War

Relationships, sexual desires, fighting, revenge, murder, rape, assault, anxiety/distress/trouble (very much so), rebellion, suicide, school values, secret societies and authority.

The strong jocks and students who had built stature’s were made to be in a lesser class, easily manipulated and “dopey” despite their physique.

The plot of the story was also largely based on revenge with many of the characters devising devious plans as vengeance against one of the other main characters (Archie Costello).

The authority of the leader of the Vigils (Archie Costello) was enormous, he controlled practically everyone in the school except Brother Leon the Head Master.

Most of the people in the school hated these two characters both very shrewd, smart and cruel.


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