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Significance of the Blockade: Soviet Union was strong-minded to show strength and determination even in the moments of defeat from the allied nations, worsening the chances of Cold War (Chung, para16).Also some events where in USSR was not in agreement with the allied nations, led to blockade in East and West Germany.The western nations made efforts to stop Russian efforts which became the reason of conflict between the East and the West. Confrontation over Berlin (1948): The bitter relationship between the Soviet Union and the United states before 1948 already made the Berlin crisis predictable.

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The border was covered with barbered wires and concrete posts (Rosenberg para 8).

The Berlin wall also played an important role in this war.

While the Berliners were asleep, trucks with soldiers and construction workers started tearing up streets entering West Berlin.

All the connection to west was severed including phone lines.

The Western nations started supporting Berlin by supplying food and other necessary things by air flights as they wanted to stop Russian Communism.

May 9, 1949 was the day when Stalin realized that he would not be able to remove western nations from Berlin so he decided to end Berlin Blockade (Chung, Para 15).The atmosphere turned hostile and aggressive, with the collapse of relationship between USSR and rest of the three allied forces.Germany was turned into West versus East or democracy versus Communism with the development of this new relationship between the forces (Rosenberg para 4).The Soviet Union felt insecurity of its domination in East Germany so when the new currency was introduced in West Berlin, The soviet Union stopped all land communication between West Berlin and Germany’s other zones (Cold war 1: The Berlin crisis, Para 5).Blockade of Berlin started on June 24, 1948 (Chung, Para 12).Cold war is the difference between the Communist and the Democratic nations.They were directed by the Soviet Union and the United States respectively.All means were adopted in this war such as; economic war, diplomatic quibbling and military clashes etc.The cold war was fought everywhere whether Asia, Africa or any outer space (Chung, Para 1).East Germany with the help of USSR tried many times to take over West Berlin but was unsuccessful in front of combined forces of the USA, Great Britain and France (Rosenberg para 7).The Berlin Crisis: Russia stopped land traffic between Berlin and West Germany, when the western nations were feeling insecure (Chung, Para 7).


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