Essay On Terri Schiavo

There is not a clear correlation at all between the size of a human brain and its function….

I think [the extent of atrophy] supports the clinical impression of those who felt that she was in a persistent vegetative state, but it certainly does not prove that.

First and foremost is the newness of the diagnostic category.

MCS first found its way into the medical literature in 2002.

While these obstacles were overcome given the particulars of the Schiavo case, they remain a public health challenge for other patients under less diagnostic scrutiny.

The reasons for potential misdiagnoses of the minimally conscious state are multifactorial.

I was referring to the risk of misdiagnosis in patients who, unlike Ms.

Didion took this statement out of context from a New York Times article describing research done by colleagues on the minimally conscious state (MCS).

Schiavo was not the object of heightened clinical scrutiny.

She was the object instead of heightened legal scrutiny.


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