Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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In 2012 it was recorded that 17% of births to adolescents between 15 and 19, were to teens that already had one or more children.

There are a number of variations and trends when it comes to teen pregnancy.

Today, teen pregnancy is no longer a taboo in many cultures through America.

There are even shows which document the lives of teen moms and show the obstacles that they face.

Teenage mothers have no time for other things, because they are busy taking care of their baby.

Most teen mothers end up dropping out of high school, because they do not have time for school anymore.This was closely followed by black teens with 43.9 births for every 1,000 teens and then white teens with 20.5 births per every 1,000.Hispanics may have the highest teenage pregnancy rate; however the rate has decreased by 39% since 2007.In 1990 it was recorded that there was 3.4 pregnancies per 1,000 young teenagers, this declined to 1.2 in 2009.Teen pregnancy has negative implications for both the teen and for their child.Their financial situation may cause them to live off the state or rely on their own parents for help.There is no doubt that some teens make wonderful mothers and are fully able to bring up a child.In 2006 it was recorded that 82 percent of teenage pregnancies were unplanned.The teenagers wouldn’t necessarily be prepared financially or mentally to bring up a child of their own.Adolescents are also provided with the information as to where they can obtain contraception, free of charge.In 2012 basic contraception was made to be free, this may have been a key driving factor in the decline of teen pregnancy.


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