Essay On Stress Management In The Workplace

One of the most common forms of stress is that related to our careers and the workplace.In today's economic difficulty, work related stress is even more pronounced than ever before.

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These include the loss of an important person in one’s life, employment issues or calamities like earthquakes.

Problems in the workplace are also considered to be a major cause of stress.

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Stress Management This is because stress provides for negative impacts on the health status, social as well as the personal life of the affected individual.

Thus, stress lays many negative effects on the health status and the life of an individual. Similarly, as decision makers, they decide what is good for the client and ought to utilize their critical thinking skills to settle on the right decision for the clients’ significant outcomes. Holistic care has an implication that whole individual is of the essence as...

Stress management techniques should be started early by a person before the problem becomes severe.

The health status of the people change as well as their lifestyle and eating habits become altered. It is of crucial significance to note that stress may lead to a number of consequences in human beings.

Gastrointestinal problems are a common manifestation. Other health problems include infections, cardiac problems as well as headaches. Some of these effects of stress may be long-lasting whereas other effects of stress in human beings may be short lived (Kottler and David, 31).

One’s own health problems as well as those of a family member can also lead to stress. Inability to overcome these acute stressful incidents in a person’s life can lead a person to become stressful over prolonged periods and this can lay a very negative impact on an individual (Exforsys Inc. The loss of a loved one is a very important stressor in one’s life and it leaves a very deep impact on a person’s life. I was very close to my grandmother and her loss devastated me.

I was in chronic stress until I utilized stress management techniques to come out of my problem.


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