Essay On Status Of Third Gender In Pakistan

Other than the CRC, the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is the most extensive and widely ratified international agreement promoting the rights of girls and women.When we talk about the education system, it reflects the inequality found outside the classroom.It is one of the official languages, even in most of the countries of the third world. English is the highly developed language which has the ability to express ideas and it is the means of revelation of modern civilization.

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Pakistan has for decades grossly underinvested in education, and in particular, girls’ education.

Girls’ education also means comprehensive change for a society.

The better the focus on language the more civilized people become.

Every language represents a complete different background of people, culture, ethnicity or region.

As it is obvious that the universal exploration is mostly revealed in this language, so it’s worth can’t be descended.

It is the age of scientific advancement and mechanical approach, the subject matter of which is demonstrated in English language, so it is an essential necessity of the people to learn this language.A language lives in a society so long as people speak it and use it as their native tongue.A language is important because the people who speak it are important — politically, socially, commercially, economically and culturally.We may assume that it shares with the other highly developed languages of Europe the ability to express the multiplicity of ideas and the refinement of thoughts that demand expression in our modern civilization.In this modern age when electronic media has widely spread all over the world, it is necessary to have the knowledge of this language because it is the medium of communication and a person, lacking the knowledge of this language can’t get awareness of the universal knowledge.Children who suffer an accident at work may also feel that this is their own fault for being clumsy or bad at their job, and the adults and medical personnel who they encounter may have the same attitude.Education is the tool that can help break the pattern of gender discrimination and bring lasting changes for women in developing countries like ours.It is a fact that a vast knowledge of the universe has been demonstrated in this language.For the achievement of that knowledge, it is essential to understand this international language.Girls the world over are less likely than their brothers to be attending primary school.In some cases, where a decision has to be made about which children to send to school, it is commonly seen that parents decide to invest in their sons’ education rather than their daughters’.


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