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The old adage, “do as I say, not as I do,” would never help in nurturing and strengthening their God-given love for good.

In fact, any parental example of hypocrisy would erode the very foundation of children’s budding understanding of their true nature, which expresses God.

They feel free to be honest and have no knowledge of, or interest in, deceit. To me, this shows that sincerity’s opposite, hypocrisy, is a learned habit, and therefore is not a natural characteristic of any of us.

Sincerity goes far beyond being a nice characteristic that we all wish to see more of in ourselves, or in teachers, colleagues, and politicians; sincerity is our deep desire to be genuine and is based on our true, original nature, which is entirely good.

One of the most important lessons I observed as a young mother was the natural sincerity that young children possess.

I discovered that it is an innate quality within them.In the fall of 1920, Zukofsky shortened it in manuscript from 27 to 15 pages (and made a few minor changes according to Pound’s suggestions) so that it could fit into the crowded “Objectivists” issue of version contains about half as many examples from Reznikoff’s work as the original and omits sections of the original which deal with Reznikoff’s neglect, which define more fully the term “sincerity,” and which discuss his Under two pages, it renders Zukofsky’s definitions entirely abstracted from poetic practice by omitting all examples of and references to the work of Reznikoff and others.These omissions have helped divorce “Objectivism” from the “Objectivists” and have left Zukofsky’s concepts underdetermined and therefore too easily misunderstood.This constant valuing of sincerity, I am convinced, enabled our children to develop into responsible and honest adults. But this wasn’t of my personal making; it was the divine power within them bringing out their sincere, childlike purity of thought.God’s love working within each of us causes us to be like our Father in heaven, to express sincerity, goodness, and honesty every moment and in all our relationships.Wanting to follow the teachings of Christ, I made a concerted effort as a parent to keep tabs on how well I was demonstrating my own spiritual nature in daily life. I measured my own sincerity by never asking my children to do something I was unwilling to do myself.I understood that even for the smallest or most mundane task, to say one thing and do the opposite would be hypocritical.So much that is vicious, as writing, is omitted from all of them, and of these there are probably no more than can be counted on the fingers of both hands in a generation. Poetic sincerity differs with poets’ abilities to realize (as well as to objectify) the real and the uncounterfeitable.The unreal and the counterfeitable, the “vicious,” must be omitted.This original nature comes from divine good itself – from God, the Father of us all.The Bible refers often to our relationship to God as His sons and daughters.


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