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You can stay happy even if you don’t own a big bungalow, huge car or fat bank balance, etc.

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But happiness is something that can be achieved even without being successful.

Many people associate success with happiness and they feel that they can be happy only if they are successful which shouldn’t be the case because success is circumstantial and happiness is not.

The first and most important rule is to live in present.

You might have failed in the past, but the best thing is to seek lesson from those and move forward as whatever might have happened in the past cannot be changed in the present; thus there is no gain in lamenting over the past.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to search the globe for happiness because it already exists within yourself.

As Glinda, the Good Witch in , said, “You’ve always had the power, my dear.

The long speeches on happiness that we have shared are good for using at corporate levels or wisdom centres. I am the motivational speaker and I am often called at schools and colleges to deliver speeches that can inspire young and aspiring student like you.

You can draw references from these happiness speeches and prepare your own speech to leave an impact on your audience. I am very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and if I ask you, what is more important for you ‘happiness’ or ‘success’; you would probably take seconds to choose ‘success’ as more important element of your life, which is good in a way.

Imagine…you’ve catapulted yourself to the top of your organization and reached the pinnacle of success.

You own a luxurious house, take lavish vacations, and socialize with the rich and famous –– most people would give anything to walk in your shoes.


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