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When picturing these two factors its makes the reader better understand the next line that Is “We people on the pavement he must be attending of the “higher” part of downtown rather then the lower section, and thus we can infer that “We” the people looking at Richard, are only wistfully sighing that they could be like him and attend the same balls and command the same respect and wear the same clothing.

The fact that he puts a bullet into his head, shatters the image of the perfect life and leaves the reader to wonder why. Maybe the clothing and money and status wasn’t enough.

The poem begins with a mention of Richard Cord going downtown and “we people” are mentioned.

There Is a feeling right from the stark that we have a drastic contrast In social status.

The poem artistically presents the picture of a perfect man, who is a rich and polite, “gentleman from sole to crown” (line 3). He has the perfect resources for leading a happy life in times when the commoners were struggling to make ends meet.

However Richard Cory ends his life in a rather dramatic and shocking manner when “one calm summer night” he “Went home and put a bullet through his head” (line 15-16).The poet exhibits a “renewed sense of responsibility for fellow human beings” through the poignant theme prevailing over the poem (Perkins & Perkins 130).By juxtaposing two strikingly different elements in the poem, economic social success and spiritual vacuum, Robinson leaves the reader with a crucial thought; do social success and wealth connote real happiness?“People on the pavement” repeats the initial sound of the letter “P” and is an example of alliteration.An example of assonance can be found on lines 5 and 7, where “arrayed” rhymes imperfectly with “said”.The common folk and the well loved, rich, noble man.The reader begins to depict a scenic downtown with its two different class settings: the wealthy part of downtown where charity balls, political fundraisers, and fancy restaurants are and the lower class part where there are many apartment buildings, city workers and homeless lurking about.Maybe Richard Cord was Just a struggling human, Just like the people watching him. Perhaps suggesting that life is all too fragile and that image is Just that, image.In the poem ‘Richard Cory’, Edwin Arlington Robinson depicts the theme of spiritual emptiness.He was a gentleman from sole to crown”, and which implies that he is of much higher socio-economic class vs… The use of the word crown” gives the reader a picture of someone noble and regal.Robinson reinforces that Image of a manages royal figure by fowling that with the use of the word “imperially”.


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