Essay On Recycling Participation

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The sample answers were written by course participants on the IELTS Preparation Course here at The London School of English.

You can also see sample answers to a part 1 writing task in our previous blog post. Here’s an example of a possible question, followed by two different answers.

Some people believe that the amount of recycled household waste is insuficient.

Recycling is very important to decreace waste and protect environment.

Comments The candidate has generally answered the question well.

He has discussed the main idea in the task, using laws to make people recycle, but he has also discussed other options (rewarding people and education).Laws are not the only outcome, there is also the way to reward someone.In Peking, people can change plastic bottle for underground ticket for example.Moreover, instead of punishing people they could give people a reward for their good action or even a large number of recycled waste.On the other hand, many ways could also enhance the responsibility to recycle.Some of the candidate’s ideas are not clear or need to be developed more, for example when he talks about putting taxes on income.The answer is generally well-organised; it has four paragraphs, and each one has a clear function (introduction/discussion of using laws/discussion of other options/conclusion).I will discuss about legal requirement as a way to increase recycling and the other ways.Firstly, should it be compulsory for people to recycle their waste?To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?In recent years, the household waste are considerably increasing.


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