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Case report: Much research has been done to understand the impact of this phenomenon on urban areas of different Brazilian geographic regions but research has also demonstrated that these transformations are also encroaching on remote rural areas where the urbanization and globalization of feeding patterns are shifting from unprocessed natural food and to a new age of industrialized goods, where the manipulation of food is forgotten and food is turned into a commodity.

The effect of this is that their diets have low diversity and rely on low-quality processed food staples at the same time that nutrition and food insecurity is quite high in the region.

The Anthropology of Food ended up analyzing its object in an interdisciplinary manner, since interactions happen socially, ecologically and biologically, provided that human groups constitute themselves by their way of life and by techniques related to the environment.

After all, the difference between eating, a social activity, and nurturing, a biological activity is perceptible where food is crucial to human survival, as vital necessity.

Therefore, it is necessary to know, recognize and understand these changes in order to modify the relationship between individuals and food.

Anthropology of food; Dietary patterns; Food consumption; Food habits Food is an essential and fundamental part of culture in human society, in its physiological and cultural compliance.

Its main function is to contribute to the maintenance of social structure and, as consequence, the social system, so its value is more social than religious.

Culturalism is another approach that is basically interested in how culture could be present between subjects and how this aspect guides behaviours.

Food, therefore, can be considered an institution because it is fundamental for individuals to socialize and for norms to be transmitted; in addition to determine the nature and activities of a certain social group, covering and implementing physiological and social needs.

Through food, the social function of nutrition is emphasized in the manifestation of feelings that contribute to the socialization of individuals as members of their community [4].


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