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All men are created equal and no one should consider their work of any lower or of any higher importance than the person next to him.We all have to join hands and help make this world a better place.

All men are created equal and no one should consider their work of any lower or of any higher importance than the person next to him.We all have to join hands and help make this world a better place.Students will be able to identify at least 3 community helpers.

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The economy is so manipulated as to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

As a result, our helpers, mostly belonging to the lower income group feel cheated and left out. They may take up illegal paths and this will create a situation of intensely chaotic nature.

A simple example of this is that the world we live in today and everything in existence around us from ourselves to our loved ones is provided by the creator, almighty God.

But get easily overpowered by worldly attractions and tend to discard our creator altogether, conducting misdeeds in gross violation of the moral principles that we were supposed to follow for the strengthening of human values and fulfillment of our conscience. Our own presumption of might overpowers our puny mentality and the sky appears within arm’s reach; the authority of God is denied by us then; and all acts are judged with our own litmus paper of selfishness.

So, in this way we can see whether it’s a normal rickshaw puller to respected policemen, all are our helpers.

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So it is our duty to act as responsible citizens and also help them in turn when they need us.The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has urged the citizens of India, who are well capable and self-sufficient, to give up their cooking-gas subsidy so that, the money saved by the Government can be utilized for providing free cooking-gas connections to the lower income group people who could have otherwise be able to afford it.This form of fuel is not only environment friendly, but is also free of various hazards that come along like the possibilities of accidental fire, chronic illnesses related to breathing caused as a result of the harmful gasses liberated during the burning of firewood which was their preferred choice of fuel earlier. Don't you know how to organize and use your store of knowledge? If you familiar with any of these questions, you definitely need someone to help you to hold down this task. Now you don't need to refuse to see your friends, to visit sports events, or to take part in university life. Our company has a worthy place on the market of academic writings. Grab an opportunity and use our services to make your daily life full of interesting events. He lives in the association of others bearing same likeness. We as human beings are made up of such mental makeup that we tend to take things for granted quite easily. The policemen who look after the safety security of us and also control law and order are our ‘helpers’. When we go to the office the rickshaw puller, the bus driver and bus conductor act as our ‘helpers’. Although shunned sweepers are an important part of our society. Even the teachers form another group of helpers altogether.This will massively aggravate diseases and might be a potential flood ushered.Even the Government has taken up many policies and steps for the improvement of the living standards as well as the workplace environment for these helpers who are mostly from the working class low income group labour section.


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